Our space is penetrated by invisible waves that are caught by the hearing organs at a frequency of 16 to 20,000 Hz. This phenomenon is called sound. He owes his genesis to air: it is his pressure that allows us to hear everything that happens around us. In space, for example, it does not exist: the vacuum creates absolute silence. Just imagine: explosions of stars, collisions of celestial bodies, flashes on the Sun – all these grandiose events happen silently!

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The ability to perceive these phenomena is given to us by nature. But the opportunity to strengthen them appeared relatively recently. Professional sound equipment has arisen, thanks to technological progress, and has become so in demand that it is now difficult to imagine an event that would take place without his participation.


The easiest way to play the sound, if you certainly do not want to use your vocal cords, is to clap your hands. The pressure at this moment increases and forces the molecules to scatter along the sides at a speed of 340 m / s. Then they reach the ear, make the eardrum vibrate, which transmits the corresponding signal to the brain, and voila! You feel it! If at this moment you are in an ordinary room, then the waves will bounce off the walls about 300 times, losing a particle of energy at each contact, and then absorb them completely, increasing their temperature. But what if you need to transmit sound over a long distance? If the surface of the vertical structures were completely elastic, and the air did not have internal friction, then the sound would live in your chambers forever! Since we do not have such opportunities, and the area on which coverage should be provided significantly exceeds the size of cozy home apartments, we need to turn to specialists for help.

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Sound equipment for cafes and conferences has long been an indispensable attribute of every self-respecting organizer or owner of an institution. Musician.UA brings to your attention systems from manufacturers Adam, Alto Professional, Gemini, equipment kits from Sound king, SR Technology, amplifiers from Electro-Voice, Park Audio, mixing consoles from Allen & Heath, Mackie, Behringer, effect processors for dbx sound processing , ART, speakers from Celestion, PreSonus and much more from no less well-known developers. Our consultants will support you in the selection of excellent equipment. For example, for a relatively small hall, 8 linear arrays and 4 subwoofers are enough – the whole structure will be based on this base. Proper selection of a model, volume indicators, directivity angle, installation, correct switching will be the main components of triumph. The footage of the room, its acoustic features and the estimated number of guests will be your basic criteria for calculating the estimate. For example, 4 speakers and subwoofers are enough for a celebration for 150 people.