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Access bridges & staircases


Construction of temporary bridges is based on modern modular technology. By adding precast steel components, Acrow bridges gain the required length, width and strength to solve a wide range of tasks, from pedestrian crossings to [...]

Access bridges & staircases2020-03-21T18:19:49+03:00

Management systems and load control


Axle load control and weight estimation is an important task for remote monitoring. We offer a universal onboard weighing system for these purposes. ■ Load control for each axle. ■ Determining load weight. ■ Axial [...]

Management systems and load control2020-03-21T16:57:59+03:00



The fence is an integral part of the mass events just like the podium and stage. If a presentation, concert, or entertainment show involves the presence of a closed area for special guests, then entry [...]


Stage designs


Stage constructions - in this section you will find various components from which you can make a stage, as well as ready-made versions of stage constructions. These are stage farms, podiums, steps, connecting and component [...]

Stage designs2020-03-21T14:17:27+03:00

Platforms & decking structure


Podium structures are an indispensable attribute in the organization of any event. Previously, everything was based on flat areas, rear decorated with several elements of the exterior, but now the catwalks are complex metal trusses [...]

Platforms & decking structure2020-03-21T12:59:31+03:00



Enjoy the irreplaceable abilities with the establishment of design, as well as new technology with a decorated stage. Fakhivtsi help to conduct an unforgettable hostility come in, making a scene, as if to go beyond [...]




For the implementation of the most complex and bold ideas in the scene space, specialized stage designs are used: as a rule, they are made of aluminum as a light, flexible material, easily transformable. In [...]


Control and power distribution


Distribution box intended for receiving and distributing electricity at 380/220 grids at the need of consumers in the three-phase 50 Hz current transition. They are used for infrequent operative inclusions and disconnected electric tubes, direct [...]

Control and power distribution2020-03-21T00:02:28+03:00

Chain hoists


Carrying out any measures is connected with the moved cargo. Lifting equipment is required. Contrary to functional similarity, the designs of lifting devices are different. We can choose the right hoists and winches from the [...]

Chain hoists2020-03-20T19:14:04+03:00

Installation of special structures


The installation of stage structures is carried out by the company in accordance with the stage plan and the terms stipulated with the Customer. According to this, a schedule for the importation of equipment and [...]

Installation of special structures2020-03-20T16:51:38+03:00
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