Carrying out any measures is connected with the moved cargo. Lifting equipment is required. Contrary to functional similarity, the designs of lifting devices are different. We can choose the right hoists and winches from the directory of our site.

Chain hoists rental

Under the typical equipment for improvised cargo equipment the following mechanisms are subdivided:

  • manual;
  • electric.

Hand winches include:

lever. Breast lift is carried out by means of a lever, and it is necessary to be not less than 5 tons, and a high unit should be no more than 2 m;
chain. Hand chain hoist secures the load with the support of chains and frictions, supplying the temple mechanism. Lift load from 0.5 to 10 tons,

In its obvious winches with manual drive are:

  • worms;
  • drumming;
  • chain;
  • leverage.

The main types of swans and whalers are electric:

Electric chain hoists have a higher load capacity and are more reliable for fixing loads.
Manual-driven models have less weight and can be used as an additional tool for lifting loads; For example, for the suspension module linear array, lightweight screens and in all other cases where the speed of installation is important and the conditions cannot be used electric models.

Rental of сhain hoists

Electric foresters allow heavy construction and trusses with light equipment to be lifted, converting goods to several tons. They are also indispensable backlit LED screens and theatrical scenery.

Electric mobile hoists are used in industry. In our store there are solid hoists and winches in assortment.