Distribution box intended for receiving and distributing electricity at 380/220 grids at the need of consumers in the three-phase 50 Hz current transition. They are used for infrequent operative inclusions and disconnected electric tubes, direct starting induction motors, as well as for the protection of electrified ones during overload, short-circuit currents and earth leakage.

Control and distribution

The distribution box of lighting types is provided for the reception and distribution of electrical energy in lighting networks. Serves for infrequent switching on and off of the linear group composition and their protection during overload and short circuits of the power line.
Structurally, the lighting shield is a metal or plastic housing that has a set number of modular circuit breakers. The installation produces spring and built-in executive assessments.

The distribution box of the lighting can be installed in places accessible to the operation of unqualified personnel for switching operations.

Terminals are designed for receiving and distributing electrical energy. Commonly used for switching power, output, control or low-current circuits.

Power distribution

The junction box is made in the hinged and floor version (depending on the required number and type of terminal connections). According to the technical condition of ordering cabinets can be equipped with terminal terminals of different types: power, measuring, current, checkpoints, tiered, with safety fuses, with circuit openings and others.