The installation of stage structures is carried out by the company in accordance with the stage plan and the terms stipulated with the Customer. According to this, a schedule for the importation of equipment and the order of all types of work. The time and number of installers for the scene installation is calculated taking into account the amount of work performed.

Installation of any stage structures is performed in several stages:

  • Assembly and installation of basic structural elements
    installation of decks
  • Assembly and installation of trusses (or trusses)
  • Scene roof assembly and installation
  • Assembly and installation of additional structures for the stage (sound portals, towers, console)

Assembly and installation of basic structural elements is carried out taking into account the layout of the construction site. As basic elements rotary jacks and adjusting elements are used, adjustment of which allows to easily and quickly set the necessary level of stage construction on any uneven surface. All the mounting elements have a special flange to which horizontal elements (crossbars and diagonals) are mounted and fixed with wedges. The special glass of the mounting element is used for the installation of vertical elements, racks, which are equipped with the same flanges every 0.5 m. Next, the frame of the structure must be carefully inspected at the junctions of the elements.

Installation of decks is carried out on the reinforced parts of the metal frame of the scene (U-shaped reinforced bolts). If necessary, an additional fixture is used which provides a rigid connection of the panel board with the metal frame.

Hire of special designs

Assembly and installation of trusses (or trusses). Depending on the design of the scene, truss elements can be of different shapes and configurations, as well as have different types of connections. Taking into account these peculiarities, the further order of construction and installation of truss structures in the production of the installation of scenes or stage complexes is determined.

The assembly and installation of the stage roof also depends on the type of construction. Commonly used roofing options for stage structures are:

  • Lightweight awning roofs;
  • metal roofs.

Lightweight awning roofs are assembled by hand and feature a quick-assembled trussed steel or aluminum frame with awning. The farms are assembled into a single frame structure, after which the awnings are pulled. With the help of special mechanical (elevators) or electric (winch) lifting devices, the finished roof is raised to the required height.

Metal roofs consist of steel trusses and special metal cassettes. The elements of the roof truss sections are mounted on the ground and then the sections are mounted and fixed on the side towers of the stage or stage complex by means of a crane. Next, the installers install metal cassettes on the installed truss sections.