The light control panel, often, are small devices with a control board and the necessary connectors for connecting to a computer and the light control panel, often are small devices with equipment, that is, in fact they are the interface between the computer with the installed light control program and actually light devices. Most small and medium-sized entertainment venues choose the light control panel, the price of which is much lower than that of the immeasurably more convenient, but much more expensive light consoles, while they have a completely comparable set of lighting equipment control functions and capabilities.

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Thus, it is quite advisable to buy this device even in a medium-sized night club. It will allow the light operator to create lighting programs in advance and then switch them during the party, as well as create full-fledged light shows for live concerts or production numbers. The most popular devices of this kind in Ukraine are Light Converse controllers, which depending on the model, in addition to all the above functions, have the ability to 3D-visualize the scene and created effects. Thus, the control controller is a budget solution to more complex technical and creative tasks of creating separate light scenes, full-fledged light shows and a common light control panel.

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To begin, we describe the main advantages of this equipment:

• easy connection to almost any computer operating system; programs necessary for the controller are easily installed on the PC itself;
• in addition, connection from a technical point of view, connection of the controller is even simpler: for this, only a USB interface is required, and the equipment itself is equipped with a very small number of wires;
• this device absolutely does not need any special “procedures” to be serviced, while its longevity is noted by many experts;
• controller functionality exceeds a similar parameter of many analog lighting control panels;
• control of 512 channels at once, as well as the ability to expand channels using additionally connected ports;
• complete with the model reliable cables are supplied for connection, characterized by high strength and reliability;
• A distinctive feature of the light control panel is the transmission of packet-type data, in other words, such a transmission is completely not felt by the human eye.

Among the shortcomings of such equipment, experts single out the main one – this is the straightforwardness of information transmission, that is, signals are transmitted directly from the controller to the lighting devices. In some cases, such straightforwardness does not allow to identify and correct errors that arise. All other minor flaws are offset by serious advantages and the lack of alternative to using modern light control panels.