Sound and lighting equipment, spotlights and generators, stage and podium – this is the main component of mass events. Without this equipment, it is unlikely that it will be possible to organize a spectacular presentation or a spectacular show worthy of the attention of the viewer. The company specializes in comprehensive technical support of events of any scale and complexity and offers its services for rental of lighting equipment, searchlights, lamps and other lighting fixtures for hire in any modifications.

We offer you the rental services of the following lighting equipment:

  • compact portable lights;
  • fluorescent table lamps;
  • LED PAR floodlights;
  • light panels for controlling dynamic devices;
  • floodlights;
  • devices for holding small discos with sound activation;
  • devices that combine the brightness of many color shades;
  • LED strobe lights, LEDs and more for a vibrant party or show.

A variety of the offered lighting equipment will allow you to realize the most ambitious projects and bright ideas! Rental services – this is our hobby! Why buy expensive equipment if you can rent it.

You will find a fairly large selection of all the necessary equipment and technology for unforgettable holidays, corporate events, shows, parties, discos and open-airs.

The use of lighting equipment has its advantages:

  • this equipment will create a colorful and unforgettable light show;
  • with the help of lighting fixtures, you can create various options for color schemes and special effects.

Rental of lighting equipment and rental of spotlights is a very common and demanded service provided by the company.