It’s no secret that the key to any successful event is a properly selected technique. A lot can depend on the quality of lighting equipment. To date, there are many specialized equipment that differs in its capabilities, technical characteristics, and, accordingly, price. So, for example, starting from the necessary parameters, you can choose lighting equipment for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, events and large concerts. In each individual case, you need to select the most suitable version of the equipment.

Rent of moving heads

Moving “heads” SPOT, BEAM – a special, professional technique, which is a dynamic lighting devices. By choosing the moving “head” correctly, you will be able to reveal all the possibilities of lighting technology. So, for example, with the power of models that are controlled using DMX controllers, you can create real, high-quality light shows in your institution.

Dynamic lighting devices for night clubs, restaurants

Advantages of moving “goals”:

  • tremendous possibilities of a light show;
  • the presence of interchangeable filters;
  • remote control;
  • 360 degree rotation;
  • universal installation (can be mounted both to the ceiling and to the walls).

Today, this lighting equipment is universal for creating various shows. With their help, truly incredible opportunities are revealed that make it possible to qualitatively decorate any program.

Among the wide range of products, today in the Ukrainian market lighting equipment from the LIGHTCONVERSE company is especially popular, this manufacturer won its leading position for a reason. It produces high-quality, competitive software for the design and management of lighting equipment.

What are rotating heads

This technique is a new generation of spinning dynamic lighting devices that are distinguished by the presence of software control. Also, the advantage of this equipment is the ability to turn 360 degrees. Moving “heads” belong to the category of intellectual lighting technology.

Thanks to its design, which allows full rotation, the “heads” are able to create incredible dynamics, and the built-in disks with replaceable filters will be able to reveal truly amazing possibilities, with their help it is possible to make light fluxes much more diverse.

One of the main advantages of this type of lighting equipment is the availability of remote control, that is, you can manipulate different interfaces and controllers at a distance, making the most complicated and unique lighting products.

Why is it profitable to buy lighting equipment from us?

We offer a wide range of modern and high quality equipment. Here you will find a wide selection of the most popular brands SPOT, BEAM, including: ACME, BIG, Coemar, DTS, Light Studio, Nightsun, Robe.
Turning to us, you will get a number of undeniable advantages:

  • loyal prices;
  • profitable promotions and discounts;
  • warranty for all equipment;
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