Podium structures are an indispensable attribute in the organization of any event. Previously, everything was based on flat areas, rear decorated with several elements of the exterior, but now the catwalks are complex metal trusses and additional elements. This allows you to create a beautiful, durable and reliable design for this scene.


The catwalk is usually associated with any fashion show: there are special venues for demobilized models. However, now such constructions are used everywhere, ranging from art exhibitions and agitation scenes during the election campaign and ending with large-scale concerts of music groups, organization of festivals.

The stage podium is a collapsible modular structure that is installed directly at the venue. Scene editing is done practically without the use of special, expensive equipment. The advantage of modular gathering is that the event organizers have the opportunity to create almost any version of the scene, such as one main and two additional, vary in design, use a number of additional elements.

Such systems with special additional supports, handrails, ladders and fences are manufactured. This provides additional comfort, mobility and security of the scene. The supporting structures are designed in such a way that they can then be adjusted, for example, to raise or lower within a hundred millimeters. The advantage of stage podiums is the ability to mount on any uneven landscapes and surfaces.

Production of stage podiums involves the application of special decorative and protective coatings on metal bearing structures. Preferably galvanic coatings or powder coating is used. All this gives the designs a fresh, modern decorative appearance, and also protects from the influence of external factors: intentional and unintentional mechanical damage, natural precipitation (snow, hail, rain). In addition, metal structures are resistant to corrosion processes.


As for manufacturers, the most complete picture of modern podium designs is offered by the Alustage brand. In the range of the manufacturer you can find any constructive performances of stage podiums, numerous additional elements of decor and security.

There are several types of podium structures that provide greater freedom of choice when organizing an event. There are two criteria for the podium: for its immediate purpose and for its geometric design.

By appointment, podiums for the stage can be the following:

  • classic catwalk version – for model shows, these designs usually have an elongated rectangular shape (sometimes exceptions are, for example, using catwalks U-shaped and V-shaped;
  • popular in the modern world – scenes for meetings and various gatherings, usually represent one large massive construction without any numerous additional security systems and decor;
  • scenes for demonstration of automobile novelties Such podiums, of course, have high requirements: the frame should be as strong and stable as possible;
  • dance venues, which are equipped with modern clubs, restaurants, summer parks for disco;
    multi-level designs for rewarding participants of any competition;
  • music scenes – a whole complex of different farms, stair railings and other decorative elements;
  • multi-purpose catwalks used simultaneously for various events (for example, for musical and theatrical performances, for music and rally, for exhibitions of contemporary art and fashion shows).

The difference between these design solutions is their scale, durability, and additional elements. For example, the car show podium, of course, should be more massive, stronger than the stage for fashion shows. Although this stage version cannot be unstable, it is about being on the stage of several people, several models.

Also the stage podiums are distinguished directly by geometric design variants. By the way, the Alustage brand offers a wide variety of metal trusses and additional structures. Here they are:

  • classic varieties – rectangular;
  • scenes of rectangular shape, but with rounded corners (often used in fashion shows);
  • square scenes for performances and the same rounded corners;
  • round and semicircular catwalks;
  • multilevel scenes where a number of auxiliary elements are used (stairs, fences, railings, etc.);
    custom made custom solutions.

In general, given the modular design feature of stage podiums, the event organizer can collect almost any scene in size, strength, design, etc.