In the course of its economic activity, modern industry necessarily faces ongoing repairs of buildings, structures, equipment, and transportation of large cargoes. All these capacious works are not conceivable without the use of rigging. What is rigging, rigging and rigging equipment, and what requirements should be imposed on such equipment and type of work?


As in any business, rigging has its own terminology. These are terms such as: “cable”, “bay”, “cut down”, “end”, “eraser, tip”, “running end”, “root end”, “peg”, “sling”, “barrier”, “ pile ”,“ struggle ”.

We often encountered rigging in everyday life, when we needed to lift or move various loads. So, rigging is a device for fixing lifting to various heights and moving loads of various sizes. Rigging includes chains, cables, ropes, chocks, swivels, carbines. Rigging is used both in manual lifting devices and in multi-tonnage cranes.

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The main requirements for rigging are high strength characteristics. For example, two types of strength are applied to a cable — breaking and working. Consider what the concept of “rigging” includes. This is a fairly comprehensive concept, including all types of loading, unloading; stacking and fastening of cargo; repair and maintenance of rigging tools, steel, vegetable and synthetic cables.

Rigging is a highly hazardous type of work that can cause damage, destruction of transported goods, as well as the consequence of unprofessional performance of this kind of work, could result in human casualties. Therefore, in order to avoid such losses, it is necessary to use the services of special firms that perform similar work. When choosing a company performing rigging, the management of an industrial enterprise must carefully study the market for the provision of this type of work. Carefully approach the issue of equipment that this company uses to perform rigging. Check the availability of a license to perform these works and find out how the safety measures are organized in this company. The correct selection of the company will save time for the execution of work and eliminate unforeseen losses.

Rigging is always very difficult to perform, but by choosing the right approach using the latest technology, you will always successfully cope with any task in this area.