The following spotlight or light gun is an indispensable attribute for professional lighting. They are used to illuminate the moving objects – artists, presenters, musicians, dancers. Almost all models of this equipment are equipped with convenient system of adjustment of brightness and change of colors. Manage them manually, it makes a special light operator. The spotlight features simple installation, easy operation and high quality. Most often such equipment is used for professional illumination in theaters, philharmonic societies, assembly and conference rooms, sometimes – in open areas.

Floodlights are equipped with devices with convection cooling, which eliminates the problem of noise. Due to its versatility, spotlights can be used in addition to surveillance cameras to enhance security. They also often cover stairways, areas, private homes, used for interior design.



From a structural point of view, spotlights are projectors with projection optics, which create light rays with a certain angle, which increase the range of the instruments. Modern models are equipped with wheels, cartridges, replaceable color filters, iris diaphragms, dampers, mechanical replacements, etc. Depending on the power and dimensions, the tracking spotlights operate at medium and long distances from 50 meters or more. Smooth suspension helps to avoid vibrations, object rays, or equipment jitter. Most tracking guns have compact, comfortable dimensions, so managing them is easy.

Hiring spotlights

The following spotlights are devices that are designed to illuminate moving objects. Floodlight data are one of the main lighting devices on the site. Due to its importance, virtually no high-class entertainment activities are complete without a device such as a spotlight. Depending on the power, the tracking spotlights can be used both in outdoor venues and stadiums for large-scale festivals or music concerts, as well as for various theater productions. Any professional illuminator must have such an instrument in the arsenal. Based on modern technology, most light tracking guns have a convenient system for adjusting the color change and brightness of the device. Many models may be operated manually, so a light operator will be required to operate. One of the advantages of light guns is their ease of installation and operation, as well as high enough quality of devices.

Modern models of guns can be additionally equipped with various diaphragms, wheels, cartridges, replaceable color filters, and certain models also dimmers, special flaps or mechanical temps. Particularly large spotlights are specially designed for long distances of 50 meters or more. Such models are equipped with smooth suspensions that are designed to avoid vibrations, as well as to accurately hit the beam in the desired object. Models that are designed for theaters are equipped with convection-cooled devices that operate without fans, eliminating the problem of extraneous noise. And if mobility and compactness are needed first, then forced-cooling models are used.