Stage clothing is one of the main attributes of the stage and an important decorative part of the interior of the entire auditorium.

Rental companies and Event agencies often participate in exhibitions or tenders for the organization of theatrical performances in rooms that are not equipped with curtains or a black stage cabinet. This requires not only stage or exhibition equipment, but also cloth rental, curtain rental. To solve such problems, there are concepts of “renting clothes for the stage or renting a“ black office.

Clothing stage rental

Cabinet noir, as the French say, is a special stage construction of fabric curtains made of black velvet or black fabric, which allows you to divide the vast exhibition space into separate functional areas. Our company offers these constructional devices for exhibitions to its customers, and today renting a black office is gaining momentum. The design of the black room is effectively applied in such exhibition halls. Adapts to any height of the pavilion, stage or sports hall. For decoration, fabric rental and installation / dismantling services for canvases are often useful. Order all this in our company, which has long established itself in the market of organizing exhibition shows and technical support for holidays and concerts.

The clothes of the stage are traditionally sewn from black velvet – backstage, a portal curtain, a backdrop that blocks the back wall of the stage. Due to its special surface, it does not reflect, but absorbs light, and therefore serves as an excellent background on which both the design and the characters are clearly visible.

Our company approaches its work responsibly and creatively. Renting a black office is only a small part of the list of services of our company. Our velvet canvases were hanged as scenery or backstage in theaters and schools, in sports facilities and in private dachas, in shopping and entertainment complexes and in open areas!

Our fabrics were used to create the atmosphere of the holidays of all saints or HELLOWEEN that came from Europe.

Our canvases were rented as stage clothes for theatrical productions and rock concerts.

Call and book a Black room to realize your wildest fantasies!

We offer a wide range of fabrics, including non-combustible, in different price ranges.