Stage constructions – in this section you will find various components from which you can make a stage, as well as ready-made versions of stage constructions. These are stage farms, podiums, steps, connecting and component parts for scenes and other elements of the scene, as well as finished scenes. The components of stage constructions are made of durable, reliable and wear-resistant materials so that the structure can be used both indoors and outdoors under the influence of various weather conditions. Also, one of the main criteria is that stage constructions must be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled, and at the same time, in the assembled version must have a high degree of strength and reliability.

Individual structural elements can be used as independent parts, as structures for illumination and sounding. All this gives you a unique advantage for the technological support of the planned field event.

Stage designs for hire

An assembled stage construction takes up little space, and the aluminum used in the manufacture of component parts makes it also lightweight. All this allows for safe and fast movement of the entire frame.

A variety of configurations and architectural solutions of our designs will allow you to provide maximum technical support for any large-scale or private event, regardless of the timing and complexity of its implementation. It is possible to buy single-pitch aluminum roofs and roofs of the ridge type from different sizes from us.

Awning truss structures made of aluminum alloy and steel allow you to create a durable reliable frame in a matter of hours, the most appropriate to the nature of the event, whether it be an exhibition or a concert, which requires the installation of additional sound modules that provide maximum sound output.