Movable stage systems allow for a soft front and supporting stage, orchestra, equipment and platform with vision. Rolling platforms combine strength with capability, efficiency and reliability. Moving scene platforms for the most dramatic performances. For example, Cirque du Salts used moving platforms at speeds up to 30 cm / sec, operating silently and smoothly.

Podiums for orchestras for the most prestigious halls in the world. The movable platforms have a large adaptation to the halls, so that the various stage performances of the orchestra can be shown on the same stage in different configurations.

Moving platforms

The compactness of the Spiralift is advantageously used with small orchestral pits on stage and is also a stage podium of small size and complex shapes.

Movable platforms for all types of orchestral pits, platforms and loads. These orchestral moving platforms are easily integrated into existing orchestra pits and are intended for long-term use.

Main features:

  • strength
  • stability
  • reliability
  • security
  • compactness
  • ease of use

Rotating platforms increase the value of the hall by making the scene more flexible. Thus, due to this dynamic scene, performances can be shown in partial or permanent impression.

Main features:

  • silent work
  • variable speed
  • fast and accurate positioning
  • stability