For the implementation of the most complex and bold ideas in the scene space, specialized stage designs are used: as a rule, they are made of aluminum as a light, flexible material, easily transformable. In essence, any stage complex consists of a certain set of structures – durable, easy to transport and use. Aluminum trusses are of this type of construction.

Rental of aluminum farms

The production of aluminum farms will be useful for many tasks: the formation of a certain style of the event, emphasizing the personality of the concert. In most cases, they are used in conjunction with lighting equipment. They are a core system with a high carrying capacity coupled with low material capacity.

There are several types of aluminum trusses that are classified mainly by design:

  • square, triangular or round;
  • flat and volumetric, etc.

Modern equipment in the form of aluminum farms has found wide application in a variety of fields, and all thanks to the ability to quickly install lightweight structures in exhibition, concert and multiplex halls for installation of advertising, light, scenery, placement of other objects. Aluminum trusses are ideal for easy and quick erection of required structures.

Aluminum farms Ukraine

The truss trusses are a separate type of structure. They are required to cover large, wide spans and cargo loads. Lattice structures can be used to collect two- and three-dimensional structures.

Aluminum trusses and their main advantages:

  • the ability to withstand sharp temperature fluctuations, low and high temperatures over a long period;
    aesthetic appearance;
  • flexibility of the material combined with its high reliability and long service life;
  • strength and reliability of finished structures;
  • ease of installation that even a specialist can handle, as well as ease of transportation.